Board of Governors

Welcome from the Chair

On behalf of the Board of Governors, it is my pleasure to be able to welcome you to St. Margaret’s School. For over 100 years St Margaret’s has been fulfilling the goal of its founders, "to consider the special requirements of individual girls, and to give to each one as much attention and consideration as possible." It is a privilege to be part of that history. It is also a responsibility the Board takes very seriously.

St. Margaret’s offers an educational environment that is specifically tailored to the learning needs of girls. The Board is united in our belief in the value of an all girl education and committed to providing an outstanding educational experience for every student.

We believe that our vision, “Confident girls: Inspiring women” aligns perfectly with the goal that our founders set so many years ago. St Margaret’s is a place where girls receive more than just a good education: they are embraced for who they are and encouraged to reach for their goals whatever they might be. We believe that our vision is attainable for every student at St Margaret’s.

Warmest Regards,

Jeremy Mannall-Fretwell
Chair, Board of Governors