Faculty and Staff

Here is a directory of our current faculty and staff. Select a staff member below for a short bio and contact information.

Director Physical and Plant Services
HR and Payroll Administrator
Lead Cook
Educational Assistant
Admissions Assistant
Senior Years Science
Director of Finance and Corporate Services
MY PE & Skills
Middle Years Humanities
Currently on Leave
Currently on Leave
Director of Admissions
IEL Teacher
Choral Teacher
Weekend Lead Parent, Pearce House
Currently on Leave
Foundation and Middle Years Administrative Assistant
Middle Years Humanities
External Programs Coordinator
Director Of Curriculum and Instruction
Kitchen Staff
Payroll & HR Administrator
Resident Parent, Barton House & Wellness Education Assistant
Senior Years Administrative Assistant
Middle Years PE and Skills (currently on leave)
Senior Years Science and Math
Weekday Lead Parent, French House
Foundation Years Principal
Senior Years Math Teacher
Accounts Payable Clerk (currently on leave)
Director of Residence Life
Middle Years Grade 5
Foundation Years Learning Support
Residence Activities Coordinator
EA Foundation Years
Weekend Relief Parent, Pearce House
Athletics Coordinator
Executive Assistant
Nurse, auxiliary
Senior Years Languages, Mandarin and Japanese
Senior Years Language
Weekend Lead Parent, Barton House
After School Care
Weekday Lead Parent, Fenwick House
No image
Residence Float
No image
Early Childhood Educator
Senior Years Principal
Educational Assistant
Middle Years Teacher (Currently on leave)
Weekend Relief Parent, French House
Early Childhood Educator
STEM Program Support Teacher
Senior Years Fine Arts
After School Care
Career and Post-Secondary Assistant
Weekend Relief Parent, Barton House
HR & Payroll Project Assistant
Middle Years Science and Math
Early Childhood Educator
Residence Manager
Foundation Years Art
Kindergarten Teacher
Band Teacher
Weekend Relief Parent, Fenwick House
Weekend Lead Parent, Fenwick House
Wellness Co-op Student
Laundry Staff
Network Administrator
Resident Parent, French House & Middle Years Educational Assistant
Drama Teacher
Weekday Lead Parent, Pearce House
Senior Years English
Middle Years Science and Math
Senior Years Math and Applied Skills
Resident Parent, Pearce House & Communications/Marketing Assistant
Kitchen Staff
Alumnae & Community Relations Manager
Early Childhood Educator
Weekday Lead Parent, Barton House
Early Learning and Junior Kindergarten
Resident Parent, Fenwick House, and MY Culinary Arts & Leadership
Currently on Leave
Senior Years Social Studies
Senior Years Learning Support
Senior Years and Middle Years IT
Teacher Librarian
Instructional Leader and Coordinator of Learning Services, K-12
Accounts Payable Clerk
Transportation Coordinator / Bus Driver
Senior Years English
Grade 9-12 Advisor / Senior Years Teacher
TOC Coordinator
Foundation Years Grade 1
Director of Technology and Innovation
Middle Years Educational Assistant
Currently on Leave
Foundation Years Grade 2
Senior Years IEL Teacher
Middle Years Educational Assistant
Residence Activity Coordinator (currently on leave)
Senior Years Science and Culinary Arts
Senior Years IEL and Business
Currently on Leave
Educational Assistant
Residence Counsellor
Kitchen Staff
Foundation and Middle Years PE
Foundation Years Grade 3
Financial Controller
Foundation Years Grade 4
Strathcona Coordinator and Senior Years PE
School Counsellor
Middle Years Languages, French and Spanish
IT Specialist
Foundation Years Grade 6
Head of School
IEL Advisor and Coordinator
Communications Coordinator
Early Childhood Educator
Middle Years Applied Skills and PE (currently on leave)
Instructional Leader and Middle Years Grade 5
Weekend Lead Parent, French House (currently on leave)
Foundation Years Languages, French
Senior Years Social Studies and IEL
Network Administrator
Financial Assistant
Middle Years Principal
Instructional Leader and Senior Years Social Studies