International English Language Program

SMS is home to a vibrant population of girls who join us from all over the world. Our English Language Learning (ELL) Program prepares students to graduate confident in the English language and to achieve success at universities and colleges in Canada, the US, and other parts of the world.

Depending on their English ability, international students may begin the program in dedicated ELL classes (the Transition Program) or enter regular classes with ELL support classes (the Bridge Program).

Progress through the ELL Program is flexible and dependent on continued student achievement. Each student is provided with a level of support that matches her individual needs and abilities, and each student advances through the program at her own pace.

ELL classes are taught by experienced English Language teachers who teach every subject from an ELL perspective. This means the challenge of learning English does not impede a student’s success in other subjects. ELL classes are designed to help students adapt to a Canadian classroom and develop learning strategies that prepare them to succeed in the regular classroom.

The Transition Program

Students whose English ability is not yet strong enough for success in a regular classroom begin in the Transition Program.

The Transition Program offers a complete English language program at a variety of grade levels. All students in Transition classes are EL learners. More hours a day are devoted to English instruction and class sizes are smaller than regular classes to provide students with more one-on-one attention.

The Transition Program is designed to prepare students to enter the regular classroom with the support of Bridge classes.

The Bridge Program

Students whose English ability is strong enough for success in the regular classroom enter the Bridge Program at an age-appropriate grade level. Students in the Bridge Program are part of regular classes, but also receive one or two classes of dedicated English language support.

Regular Classroom

Students whose English ability is strong enough for success in the regular classroom without English language support will be placed directly into a regular classroom at an age-appropriate grade level. SMS offers a number of English language classes, which are recommended for international students who do not require the support of the Bridge program, but would like to continue to work on their language skills.