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St. Margaret’s School is excited to welcome a group of new teachers to our team. This group of talented teachers comes from a variety of backgrounds with vast teaching experience both locally and globally. We are looking forward to adding new faces and new skill sets to the already dynamic group at... Read More

A Junior Jumpstart

As kids hit pre-school age, many parents are left wondering what’s the next best step for their child’s future?  SMS offers a robust Junior Kindergarten (JK) program with a balance of play and curriculum-based activities that provide opportunities for children to develop skills in: literacy,... Read More
Colliding and falling to the ground as she tried to pass another cyclist during the Victoria Youth Triathlon on Sunday, June Sheppard didn’t so much as glance down at her scrapes and wounds as she mounted her bike again and continued on course. It was this kind of grit and determination that saw... Read More
SMS students, staff and volunteers took part in the 7th Annual Victoria Goddess Run on June 2, 2018.  The run, which is in support of the BC Cancer Foundation, is a fantastic partnership for SMS because it's an opportunity for women to come together to celebrate the power that we can embrace when... Read More

Faculty Friday

What year did you start working at SMS? I started as a co-op student in the Fall of 2015 and began my role of Athletic Coordinator in Fall 2016.  What grade/subject do you teach or what is your role? Athletic Coordinator--sports, sports, sports!  But I also help coordinate all the other great... Read More
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