Welcome to the Staff section. Here you can find helpful information for Staff members at SMS.


What is happening around the school? - events around the school are all posted to the SMS website, please check the calendar/upcoming events to see more of what is happening. We also have a news area with recent articles.


SMS provides two weekly newsletters for staff: The SMS Express and Staff Weekly. The SMS Express contains information for Parents, Students, and Staff. The Staff Weekly has information for just Staff members. They are published online and emailed each Friday.

Learn @ SMS

For your online course sites/gradebook, SMS Staff policies/information, the assessment and evaluation calendar, and IT resources, please visit Learn @ SMS (https://learn.stmarg.ca). Most of the resources are available through the Staff Centre course.

Email Access

For staff email access, please use SMS Webmail (https://portal.office.com).

Student Information System

Grades for report cards, room booking, attendance and all student/parent information is available by our Student Information System - MySchool (https://sms.myschoolmanagement.com) If you are having trouble logging into MySchool, please click "Having Trouble Logging In" at the MySchool login page.


Want to access any payroll information, visit Payworks (https://payroll.payworks.ca/). For more information contact our Payroll Administrator.

Account Issues?

Have trouble logging into the SMS Website (https://www.stmarg.ca), Learn @ SMS (https://learn.stmarg.ca), wireless on campus or workstations on campus, please contact ithelp@stmarg.ca.

More information?

Can't find what you're looking for? See the Staff Centre course on Learn @ SMS for detailed information about school services, handbooks and policies, or contact us - we'd be happy to help.