Health Services

The SMS Health and Wellness Team includes a school nurse, physician and counsellors. Students and parents are welcome to share problems or issues which may be health or personal in nature and may be assured that discussions with any member of the Health and Wellness Team will be kept in confidence and shared only with consent to do so.

School Health Clinic

Our school Health Clinic is staffed Monday to Friday by one of two Registered Nurses, who care for any students with illnesses or injuries.

If a student’s condition requires physician assessment, the nurse will schedule an appointment for the student to see the school physician, or a physician at an off-site clinic if the problem is more urgent. The nurse will also arrange transportation (generally by taxi) to other healthcare providers as needed (physicians, dentists, orthodontists, physiotherapists, etc.).

The school nurse also facilitates school preventative health care programs such as immunizations and health education, coordinates various medical services for boarding students, and ensures that specific needs of all students are met while they are at school.

Personal Counselling

A full-time personal counsellor is available to students from Monday to Friday. All students can access the school counsellor during the day and into the evening or make an appointment with the counsellor for a time that is convenient for them. The school counsellor addresses areas of self-esteem, academic stressors, homesickness, and a wide variety of personal matters. The counsellor liaises, where appropriate, with tutorial and administrative staff, residence staff, the school medical team, outside medical personnel, and parents.

SMS Is a "Nut-Aware" School

In our “Nut Aware” classrooms:

  • The child, family, medical service provider(s), and school work together to develop a reasonable safety plan
  • Allergy kit (s) can be on hand; adults know how to use them
  • Other children can be taught about respecting allergies and how to help a student in an emergency

The School cannot guarantee “Nut-free” classrooms because:

  • SMS cannot guarantee ingredients used in all foods are nut-free
  • SMS cannot guarantee other parents will not send peanuts/nuts in school lunches

Because we do have students in our junior school who have anaphylactic allergies to nuts, we do ask parents to please avoid packing foods that contain nuts. This makes our school a safer learning environment for one and all.

Nut-Aware Snack Ideas (check labels!)
Fruits and vegetables
Yogurt, cheese slices, pudding
Fruit Bars, applesauce
Crackers, bread sticks, popcorn, nacho chips
Homemade muffins or cookies

Nut-Aware Lunch Ideas (check labels!)
Cheese Sandwich with lettuce or sprouts
Bagel Sandwiches with deli meat and cream cheese
Pizza pockets
Pita pockets with cheese and sprouts

Bread "Cookies"
Cut plain whole grain bread into shapes with cookie cutters.
Make faces or spell names with cream cheese and mandarin orange slices and/or raisins

Ants on a Log
Celery sticks with cream cheese and raisins

Apple Sandwich
Core and slice an apple crosswise. Make a sandwich with the apple, using cheddar or ricotta cheese in the middle.

Please contact the School Nurses, Claudia and Tamara, at or using their direct line 250-704-4675. Thanks!