The House System

The house system is a long-standing and much beloved tradition at SMS. Every student, teacher and staff member belongs to one of four houses – Canmore, Christian, Malcom or Turgot – and relatives automatically belong to the same house. The house system fosters inter-grade camaraderie and a great sense of pride amongst students and staff. The school spirit is infectious and the sense of community is overwhelming; every student belongs, and every student is immensely proud of this fact.

House Challenges

The houses engage in many friendly, fun and sometimes wacky challenges throughout the school year. Students and staff wear their house colours with pride and compete to earn house points for their school spirit and teamwork.

House Points

The friendly competition at SMS encourages students to not only strive for their athletic best during school House Challenges, but also their academic best. Teachers also award house points in the form of ‘excellents’ to individual students for their academic efforts and achievements. Each person’s efforts reward the entire community, motivating every member of a house to achieve their personal best, and ensure the success of their team.

At the end of the school year the total points earned by each house are added up in two categories: academics and athletics. The house(s) that have earned the most points in each category are presented with the highly coveted Margaret Barton Inter-House Challenge Cup (academics) and Godson Trophy (athletics).